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Wealth Management.

Do you have a written financial plan from a fiduciary advisor?

For over 25 years we have helped our clients invest their assets in a goal-oriented manor, doing our best to achieve everything that is important to them. This allows them to spend more time living their life and doing what they enjoy.

We use a consultative process to identify where our clients are now, where they want to be, and the gaps in between. Through advanced tax mitigation and tactical investment consulting we strive to maximize probability of achieving what is important to you. Our team consists of two advisors, and is assisted by estate planning attorneys, TPAs, and CPAs. We are the one point of contact for your dynamic needs. 

We take being stewards of our clients wealth very seriously. We take great pride in knowing the intricate details of each and every one our clients situations. Thus, in order to ensure each of our clients receives the highest level of service, we recommend new clients have over $1,000,000 of investable assets.

We are Investment Advisor Representatives acting in a Fiduciary capacity. Offering fee-based advice means your interests always come first.

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Dedicated Family of Professionals

Meet The Team

Bart Lewellyn Photo

Bart Lewellyn

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Bart Lewellyn


Bart Lewellyn was born in Medford and graduated from Oregon State University. He is series 7,6,63 and 65 licensed, and is an Investment Advisory Representative of Bluewater Financial. He started Lewellyn Financial Management in 1995. He has been married to his wife, Victoria, for 26 years and has two children.

Alex Lewellyn Photo

Alex Lewellyn

Vice President
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Alex Lewellyn

Vice President

Alex Lewellyn began working at Lewellyn Financial in 2012. He graduated from Oregon State University with a Major in Business Administration and a Minor in Economics. He also completed Wall St. Academy in 2013, experiencing the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. While in school he was a member of Finance Club, became Series 7, Series 66, and life/health insurance licensed.

Neely Wheelon Photo

Neely Wheelon

Operations Manager
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Neely Brouillette

Neely Wheelon

Operations Manager

Neely Wheelon grew up on the southern Oregon and northern California coast and has called the Rogue Valley her home for more than 25 years. She has been a shining force behind LFM for over 15 years. Her dedication and reliability to the clients of LFM has been an integral part of making Lewellyn Financial the success it is today. In her spare time, Neely enjoys homeownership pride, gardening, her love for animals & exercising.

Wealth Management to Last Generations

Our service begins with a detailed dialogue about what is important to you. Once clearly identified, we advise on how the many pieces of financial process fit your desired result.

We strive to clearly inform our clients the various options available to them, and the ones that have the highest probability of success in their particular situation.


We have a disciplined and deliberate approach to investing, using a tactical asset management strategy. In today's world, we believe advice and the resulting action taken must be nimble and flexible. The “buy and hold' mantra of the 1960's, 70's, and 80's may not be the best approach in a world that changes so quickly. We believe we are held responsible for your assets and choose not to delegate it to a money manager who does not know you or your goals.


Business exit strategies


Charitable Remainder / Charitable Lead Trusts


Tax mitigation from business exit


Investment Management


401(k), IRA, SEP, SIMPLE Plan Implementation


Retirement Strategies


Estate Conservation


Brokerage, Insurance, and Annuities


Tactical Asset Management


Income Planning

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a combination of investment consulting, advanced planning, and relationship management. Many advisors claim to be wealth managers, but very few are.

Does your advisor actually do what is outlined below?


(Wealth Management)


IC =

Investment Consulting

Management of all investment elements to maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them.

  • Portfolio performance analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Asset Allocation
  • Assessment of impact of costs
  • Assessment of impact of taxes
  • Investment Policy Statement

AP =

Advanced Planning

  • Tax mitigation and cash-flow planning
  • Transferring wealth effectively; may not be within a family
  • Risk mitigation, legal structures and transferring risk to insurance company
  • Maximizing charitable impact

RM =

Relationship Management

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Professional Network Relationship Management

How do we implement wealth management?

By taking our time to discover everything there is to know about your personal situation. We do not feel that financial advisors, or so called "Robo" Advisors, do a good job of implementing a tried a true wealth management process.

Discovery Meeting

Complete discovery process

Investment Plan Meeting

Presentation of investment plan

Steps 1 & 2

two-three weeks

Investment Plan and IPs

Diagnostic of current situation, our recommendations for moving forward and details on our investing approach

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Confirmation of commitment

45-Day-Follow-Up Meeting

Organization of account paperwork

Regular Progress Meetings

Review of progress and implementation of advanced plan

Steps 3, 4 & 5

three-five months

The Advanced Plan

Comprehensive evaluation of the entire of financial needs with our recommendations for moving forward.

The Professional Network

Professional Network Meeting

Our team of specialists applies its knowledge to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation and devise appropriate solutions. 

Second Opinion Service

Most people won't hesitate to obtain a second opinion when faced with a serious medical diagnosis or major career decision. Yet, many are not even aware that they can receive a second opinion on their investment and financial strategies—the most important determinants of long-term financial success.

 Most of all, a second opinion gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your research and considered all options in providing for those who depend on you, and the legacy you will leave.


A second opinion from Lewellyn Financial Management will:

  • Help you determine if your portfolio asset allocation is appropriately aligned with your goals, values and risk tolerance.
  • Point out any gaps in your financial strategy or areas of missed opportunity.
  • Provide an opportunity to make necessary adjustments before it's too late.
  • Enable you to ask questions about areas you're not completely clear on, or you aren't comfortable asking your current advisor.
  • Provide the confidence that comes from knowing you're on the right track toward your goals.

What to Expect

Lewellyn Financial Management makes obtaining a second opinion both easy and enjoyable. When you contact us to schedule your second opinion, one of our professional associates will provide you with a Confidential Questionnaire to complete in advance of our meeting.

Conversation bubble icon

During our meeting, we will sit down with you to gain a thorough understanding of your values and goals. We'll ask you about your family, your career goals (if you haven't already retired), your plans for retirement and other information to help us determine what is most important in your life.

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Following our meeting, we will analyze your current financial situation and strategy, based on the information provided to us, and develop a formal, written analysis of your investments and holdings. This may include recommendations for areas where we feel risk could be better managed or opportunities have been missed.

Handshake icon

We will meet with you a second time to provide our analysis and walk through it line-by-line, answering all of your questions along the way.

You can always rest assured that your meeting with us, and any information provided to help us analyze your situation, is held in the strictest confidence. Maintaining your privacy is always our first concern.